Orchid International School organized a Season Booth Day in Mumbai

Orchid International School organized a Season Booth Day on 6th January 2014 for Senior KG kids  where the teachers took an unique initiative to explain kids the season’s of the year. Keeping in mind there are three seasons namely Summer, Winter and monsoon an ambience was created for a particular season keeping in mind the months which fall in the particular season , fruits and vegetables which are available in that season , animals which habitat In that particular period, dressing which is preferred during specific season and the kind of diseases spread in that period of time. “ The children were very much delighted to see it all ,we organize activities like Season Booth Day as it helps the kids to learn a particular concept in an simpler way as visuals always helps kids to understand things quickly and effectively”, said June Dias , Dean  Academics of Orchid International, Mumbai. The school has received an overwhelming response from the parents.