Japan Shopping Festival 2014

ddJapan, known the world over for its unique and exciting retail experience, is launching a new kind of shopping event. The “Japan Shopping Festival” brings deep discounts, wide selections, and world class entertainment to stores in all of Japan’s most famous cities: Tokyo, Kansai, Fukuoka and more. So come and embark on a shopping adventure like no other and experience the hospitality that only Japan can provide.

This season, the shopping areas are filled with radiant light fixtures and provide the perfect setting to take fantastic photos all while offering a number of bargain sales.

There are over 5,000 stores participating in the event and many are offering huge discounts of up to 70% off. A number of interactive events will also be held and applications are currently being accepted. It is also rumored that a number of exclusive items will be available! Information on how to shop like a native and make the most of the festival will be available to all guests on a daily basis. There will be a campaign that allows guests to win a number of prizes including popular Japanese merchandise and airline tickets for international destinations.