Smokin’ Hot Pout… …just a jab away!

What turned the ugly frog into a charming prince? The kiss ofcourse! The magic was not just in the spell but in the Princess’ plump pout as well. From fables to reality, the power of a kiss is unquestionable. Perhaps that’s why women desire for fuller, luscious lips. To get their dream date hooked or to keep the old chemistry fresh, a girl’s pout is undeniably her best asset if it’s plump and ambrosial.

But not every one is blessed with a pair of soft, luxurious lips. Women with thin lips are usually very insecure about their looks. A study by Manchester University reveals that ‘lips represent one of the most sensual aspects of a woman’s body and play a critical role in human sexual attraction.’

So, what to do when you aren’t that lucky? Fretting is definitely not the way out especially for the modern-day girls who like to take charge of every aspect of their life. More and more women, these days, are opting for lip pouting treatment.

The trend of getting fuller lips is on an upswing these days. This is because, every woman irrespective of her age wants to look her best and today, most of them have the means as well. Modern day aesthetic treatment offer quick-fix solutions for problems such as thin and unshapely lips.

So what is this wonder treatment that enables one to get a smokin’ hot pout? … A jab!

Nowadays we have injectables called dermal fillers. Filler is a hyaluronic acid-based gel formulation that when injected beneath the skin can instantly fill-up deep lines and folds. The use of modern-day dermal fillers, such as Juvederm, in augmenting the lip size and shape is becoming a fairly common one.”

Those who loathe undergoing the scalpel and yet are on the lookout of non-surgical aesthetic procedures, to them, fillers provide a safe option. “I was always dissatisfied with the way my upper lip looked so small in comparison to the lower one. I always felt the need to get something done about it but I am afraid of surgeries and stitches. Hence, I decided to go for dermal fillers. All I felt was a nominal prick, no stitches and no fuss,” says 27-yr-old advertising professional Anu Parasher.

Upon injection dermal fillers such as Juvederm can fill into a deep facial line or a fold. Their hyaluronic acid content effectively smoothens out the wrinkles and boosts the skin volume thus giving a fresher and younger looking pair of lips for up to a whole year.

A lot of younger and middle-aged women like to enhance their lip size. The single reason why they opt for fillers over lip-augmentation surgery being that the procedure has a short downtime and there are no stitches involved. There could be minor swelling at the site of injection which subsides within a day or two. At any given day it is better than having to undergo an operative procedure under a surgeon’s knife and stay at the hospital for at least a day. Juvederm fillers give the patient the freedom to be active and resume their daily routine as soon as the procedure is over.

When it comes to the cost, non-surgical lip augmentation is definitely cheaper than surgical procedure. Agrees, 35-yr-old Nandita Bakshi, whose husband apparently footed the bill for her treatment. “Both me and my husband are both price and quality conscious. When he expressed his desire to gift me a lip-augmentation treatment, my instinctual reaction was to opt out of any surgery for the obvious cost consideration. However, when I learnt about the benefits of dermal fillers I found them to be far more cost effective. Even after a few months post treatment the results remain fabulous for me.

Dr. Vandana Chatrath, Dermatologist, Delhi