Cancer Survivors Day celebrated

unnamed (56)Cancer  Sahyog,  the  Emotional  support  group  of  the  Indian  Cancer  Society,  celebrated  the  Cancer   Survivors  Day   with  great  pomp  and  show  at  Delhi  Haat,  INA.  Cancer  Sahyog  is  a  unique  group  that  comprises  of  cancer  survivors  and  care  givers. It was   a celebration of life after cancer.  The  composition  of  Cancer  Sahyog  is  a  proof  that  there  is  life  after  cancer  and  there  is  treatment  for  cancer.

The second Saturday of February is celebrated as cancer survivors’ day all over the world. This itself explains that cancer can be cured and there is life after cancer. Cancer Sahyog volunteers go to various hospitals to give emotional as well as financial support to the cancer patients.

On this occasion more  than  100  survivors  along  with  others  attended  the  cultural   programme  and  around  30  survivors  along with  their  well   wishers  presented  a  beautiful  event  of  dances  and  songs. Ms. Alka Sheel, a trained classical dancer who herself is a cancer survivor performed on light filmi songs, her performance was followed by a colourful performance by Cancer Sahyog volunteers and CanKids survivors. The entertainment cum awareness programme concluded with the song ’Hum Honge Kamyab’.

It  was  an  emotional  moment  to  see  children  with  cancer   perform  on  the  stage.  Two cancer survivors shared their experiences.  There  were  survivors  who  were  supported  by  the  Cancer  Sahyog,  emotionally  and  financially .  The  message  of  the  Cancer  Sahyog,  that  if  detected  early  cancer  can  be  cured  if  not  prevented,  was  loud  and  clear.  It  was  also  told  that  awareness  about  cancer  and  precaution  can  prevent  about  65% of  cancers.

Cancer Sahyog beautifully and aesthetically spread the message to one and all that cancer patients can survive if their cancer is detected early and treated without wasting any time by some cancer specialist.

Chandra  Rekha  Gulabani,  Co-ordinator, resources  of  the  Cancer  Sahyog,  told  the  audience  that  if  we  have  a  healthy  life  style,  do  regular  exercise,  keep  our  weight  under  control,  remain  positive,  go  for  annual  cancer  checkup,  get  right  treatment,  it  is  not  difficult  to  survive  cancer.