unnamed (5)Qi Spine Clinic, India’s only specialty chain of spine clinics, today announced the launch of its Delhi operations, with the inauguration of 2 state-of-the-art clinics in Greater Kailash-1 and Punjab Bagh respectively.

Qi Spine Clinic was founded in 2010 by Nithiij Arenja, a healthcare entrepreneur, who spotted a large lacuna in the existing treatment options available to people suffering from back & neck pain. Qi Spine Clinic has treated 5000 back pain patients with 93% success rate, using a revolutionary new cutting edge diagnosis & treatment protocol across its 5 clinics in Mumbai. Back pain sufferers in Delhi can now avail this non-surgical treatment option that very precisely and effectively treats the root cause of pain. The need is not for pain-relief measures that simply suppress the symptom, the need is to identify and then reverse the cause of the pain and hence stop it from reoccurring.

Traditionally, treatment for back pain typically starts with the use of imaging tests like MRIs and X-Ray in an attempt to locate the cause of pain. However, as published medical research clearly indicates, MRIs and X -Rays fail to identify a clear cause for back pain in 85% of cases. Such cases get classified as ‘non-specific back pain’, and a clear medical solution to the crippling condition of back pain fails to emerge.  As the patient continues to suffer over time, spine surgery seems to be the only option left. As the volumes of spine surgeries continues to grow year on year, Qi Spine Clinic realised in 2008, that with research indicating that only 1-2% of all back-pain patients actually require surgery, there was a need for a solution to back pain that offered long-term results with minimal surgery-referral rates.

unnamed (7)Qi Spine Clinic studied parallel domains of medicine, and realised that unlike various parts of the human body, which are investigated through both imaging tests and functional tests – for example the heart is tested using both an angiogram (imaging test) and a stress thallium test (a functional test) – in the case of the spine, while imaging tests like MRIs were available, there was no test available for spine function. Clinically, it is critical to functionally test the spine to identify if an imbalance or mechanical structural instability is causing the pain symptom. The spinal column is protected by a complex structure of musculature. Once these load sharing support structures become weak the spinal column is overloaded – this increased stress can lead to outcomes that lead to pain.

“Lack of a precise functional test with revealing numerical feedback has meant that most treatment options available focus on relieving the patient of the symptoms of back pain through medication and/or short term pain-relief therapies. Research worldwide has proven that this treatment approach is inadequate; instead, effective treatment should focus on precise identification of the causation of back pain.” stated Dr Garima Anandani, Head – Clinical Operations, Qi Spine Clinic

With its clinical expertise in spine disorders and its team of specialists, Qi Spine Clinic formulated protocols that revolved around functional diagnosis of the spine. Our partnership with cutting-edge medical technology companies in the west to acquire accurate functional diagnostic tools, and by merging these with our own treatment protocols, Qi Spine Clinic has created a Digital Spinal Analysis test with the help of 5 patented computer controlled devices. This game-changing development has helped us identify probable causes of back pain caused by functional deficiencies in thousands of patients where MRIs and X rays failed to provide a diagnosis.

This accuracy in diagnosis has helped Qi Spine Clinic make the treatment path very precise and therefore effective especially when compared to other treatments that typically take months and years because they were non-specific. This revolutionary and unique approach to treating the spine has allowed for precise treatment of the deficiencies highlighted by the Digital Spine Analysis tests.  Thus, Qi Spine Clinic has provided sufferers of back pain a treatment option that accurately and effectively treats the root cause of pain, as an alternative to pain-relief measures that fail to cure back pain in the long run.

Announcing the launch of the 2 new clinics in Delhi – at Greater Kailash 1 and Punjabi Bagh, Mr. Nithiij Arenja, M.D. of Qi Lifecare, said, “We are excited by the excellent clinical success rates Qi Spine Clinic has achieved for 5000 back and neck patients across Mumbai.  These clinical results have given us the confidence that we have the most precisely targeted solution for a range of spine disorders which have so far been difficult to treat. We are now ready to offer this unique solution to back pain sufferers in Delhi and across the country.”

Mr. Nithiij Arenja,
Managing Director, Qi Lifecare Pvt. Ltd.

A serial entrepreneur with an innate ability for conceptualizing new and revolutionary business models, Nithiij graduated from Nottingham University with a Bachelors degree in Industrial Economics. He returned to India to pursue his passion for preventative healthcare and launched Qi Lifecare’s center of excellence in exercise medicine which remains Mumbai’s most advanced sports medicine, preventive cardiology and rehabilitation facility. His next step in the healthcare industry was establishing India’s only specialty spine clinic chain – Qi Spine Clinic. He has successfully launched multiple ventures over the last ten years, accounting for the Arenja Group’s diverse interests today in Health Technologies, Real Estate and Medical Services. He oversees innovation, new business development and brand building across the group.

Dr. Garima Anandani (P.T.), CMP, Dip. MDT
Head – Clinical Operations, Qi Spine Clinic

Dr. Garima is the first and only clinician from India to qualify for the prestigious Diploma in M.D.T. from The McKenzie Institute International and University of Otago. As one of India’s leading experts in musculoskeletal rehabilitation, Dr. Garima believes that learning is a lifelong process, and has acquired specialized training in Spine rehabilitation from St. David’s Spine and Sports Therapy, Austin, Texas (USA) and from The Polyclinic, Seattle (USA). She is also one of the few Certified Mulligan Practitioners in India, with over 14 years of clinical experience in handling musculoskeletal disorders.

Dr. Garima was one of the founder members of the Qi Spine Clinic team in 2008 and has played a vital role in its growth. She heads nationwide clinical operations for the specialty spine clinic chain, as well as, leading the specialised training that all clinicians undergo on joining Qi Spine Clinic.