New Fem Fairness Naturals with no added ammonia fortified with natural ingredients like Saffron & Vitamin

Dabur India

Dabur India Ltd., the country’s leading natural beauty and health care company, today announced the launch of Fem Fairness Naturals – the all new skin fairness range on the Bleach platform with no added ammonia. Considered the biggest innovation in fairness technology in recent times, the new no added ammonia bleaching range is fortified with natural ingredients like Saffron,  Milk and Vitamin E  making the entire fairness experience pleasant and enjoyable besides delivering the best fairness transformation benefit any skin care product can deliver.

Announcing the launch, Mr Sanjay Singal, Head of Marketing (Skin Care), Dabur India Ltd. said, “Fairness is the single biggest beauty need of the Indian Women and our researches among consumers show that there is a big & disappointing gap between what consumers expect fairness products to deliver and their current delivery technology. It is already universally accepted by consumers and experts like Dermatologists & Beauty parlors that Fairness Skin Bleaches deliver a higher degree of fairness benefit on the skin than any other skin care product available in the market; and that too for much longer. This is also scientifically true and proven in our clinical tests done in 3rd party independent laboratories.

We, at Dabur, are now delighted to offer this unmatched Fairness experience to our consumers with the new Fem Fairness Naturals Crème Bleach Range with No added ammonia, based on insights into consumer needs and leading edge Fairness delivery technology.

“There is no better evidence of product delivery than the fact that over recent times,  bleaching has become a very popular skin care practice with more and more women making it part of their skin care regime as evident from the fact that while the bleach market is growing fast, Fem as a brand has been growing at a rate two times that of the market. The frequency of uses has also gone up with consumers realizing the efficacy. With skin problems like tanning, clogged pores and dead cells etc. becoming routine due to today’s hectic lifestyle and environmental hazards, Fem Fairness Naturals would continue to provide consumers solutions from these problems giving their skin long lasting glow and fairness with a healthy and pleasant Fairness experience.” – he added

Adding to this, Dr S K Luthra, Head of R&D(Skin & Hair Care), Dabur Research and Development Centre said,“We at Dabur have traditionally been trying to offer consumers skin care products which are rich with nature’s goodness by building the right fusion of modern science and nature. Following this philosophy, over last few years Fem as the leading fairness brand has taken the path of innovation to offer consumers the best fairness experience by introducing skin friendly natural ingredients into the formulation of the products. While earlier this year,  we introduced Fem Turmeric Herbal Bleach which has proven do-good properties for skin; we now have now introduced the biggest innovation in the Fairness market by offering consumers a no added ammonia bleach range – Fem Fairness Naturals, which makes skin fairness a pleasant transformational experience without any negatives – no irritation – no tears – no foul smell. The new range gives consumers a healthy fairness experience with the unmatched fairness benefit of Saffron and do-good skin benefits of Milk & Vitamin E”.

The new Fem Fairness Naturals range has 4 products under it – Fem Fairness Naturals Saffron Crème Bleach for Fair skin, Fem Fairness Naturals Pearl for darker skin, Fem Fairness Naturals Gold Bleach for Special occasions and Fem Turmeric Herbal Bleach priced very affordably in the range of Rs 25 to Rs 34 for a months fairness benefit.

Fem also has become the first fairness bleach brand to be dermatologically tested to be safe on skin. The new range would be available in retail for home use as well as in parlors. In a clinical test conducted in independent labs, it was found that application of Fem range of bleaches reduces the Melanin levels to the minimum, with a low Erythemal score, which imply a change in skin tone to lighter shade with maximum safety. Endorsing the growing acceptance of bleaching as an integral part of modern day women’s skin care regime Dr Swati Srivastava, eminent Dermato- Cosmetologist and promoter of skin care clinic – “Sketch” said at the launch event, “Apart from giving instant and long lasting glow and fairness by reducing the melanin level considerably, facial bleaching also helps clean clogged pores thereby helping the skin breathe, reduce pigmentation and remove dead cells. This makes bleaching not just a special occasion use skin care product, but a regular part of one’s healthy skin care regime. Once or twice a month use of a facial bleach is ideal to maintain a lively and glowing face”

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