Wrangler powered by Alpinestars’ Limited Editions

ffDenim icon Wrangler presents an exclusive collaboration with motorsports specialist Alpinestars. ‘Wrangler powered byAlpinestars’ is two limited edition styles. The collaboration represents the apex of Wrangler’s Denim Performance design platform. 2007 World Championstar Kimi Raikkonen is ambassador for this premium initiative.

Black denim jeans fuse Wrangler style and heritage details with Alpinestars’ market-leading protection technology. The jeans are reinforced at the seat, hip and knee with Kevlar®, famously used to make military flak jackets, and employed in motorsports to resist abrasion and tears. The contoured leg shape is optimized for riding.
The black leather biker jacket is fully prepped for motorcycle adventures, and benefits from Wrangler’s flair for vintage aesthetics. Elbows and shoulders are shelled in Bio Armor, a specialized polymer/rubber compound used in motorcycle clothing to protect the wearer against impact. The look is iconic: all black, fully functional and lovingly aged.
‘Wrangler powered by Alpinestars’ is strictly limited edition. Just 65 jackets and 80 pairs of jeans are available: each jacket and each pair of jeans are individually numbered, making each garment completely unique to its owner.

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