An evening dedicated to celebrate Art & Cinema

unnamed (11)It was a glamorous evening to celebrate an amalgamation of Art and Cinema byentrepreneurs Ala Madhu and Rajan Madhu hosted at the classy new specialty food destination Rala’s Habibi,MGF Metropolitan, Saket.

The event hosted in association with Anjanna Kuthiala saw the unveiling of her painting inspired from the film HEARTLESS. The painting was unveiled by Actors Shekhar Suman,Adhyayan Suman and Arian Ayam.

Some of the guests present at the event were Shahnaz Husain, Neelam Pratap Rudy, Sona Goyal, Designer Preeti Ghai, Designer Vandy Mehra,Poonam Sethi,Renuka Singh, Jewelery Designer Prakshi Sharma, Seema Puri, Designer Rosy Ahluwalia.

The paintings of Anjanna Kuthiala was bought by Sona Goyal a Social activist and NGO worker who said “ Both Anjanna and Ala Madhu are vibrant good souls.Anything to do with them will only add value to my life.Also the paintings inspiration from shekhar’s movie HEARTLESS gives more depth and meaning to my painting which one will understand after watching the movie”

Rajan Madhu Owner Rala’s Habibi Says “It’s a perfect way to welcome Rala’s Habibiour new venture as the all new Arabic & Moroccan restaurant & a party venue with exquisite palette of food and great entertainment. We are honoured to be associated with an evening that is inspiring in its content of Art & Cinema. Warm wishes are extended to Anjanna and the star cast of the movie HEARTLESS in their endeavors.

Anjanna Kuthiala says “ I was highly inspired by the theme of the film, Heartless, which revolves around the emotion of love, both maternal and romantic…..with a surprise element to it. The painting depicts a woman’s inner struggle, where her love , whether maternal or romantic, is the cause of both joy and suffering…..Also, a woman always remains an enigma…..what you see is not what you get”.

This film stands apart from most others firstly, because it is produced and directed by our dear friend Shekhar Suman, who has lived through his own emotional hell, after losing his elder son, Ayush to an incurable heart ailment, and the film is loosely based on that and secondly because the theme of this film touches my heart as an artist, to a point where the urge to paint the emotion of love could not be repressed.