Sharp offers Consumers : One Of A Kind Products

qqSharp has a 100 year history as leader in innovation of Technology.  LCD Panel, Camera in Mobile Phones, Plasma Cluster Ion Technology, etc are amongst those products & Technologies which have completely changed human life. Products from Sharp are One of A Kind and not a look-alike of other Brands, while offering unmatched quality & reliability.

Sharp’s USP is Japanese design and technology. Every product of Sharp is Designed by Sharp, Japan, and Manufactured in Sharp’s own factories across the World.

LEDs With Panel Made by Sharp, In Japan  :

  1. Sharp has = King Size.  Only Brand which has 60/70/80/90/108 sizes with 10th Generation Panel
  2. Only LED in the World with 4-Color Technology, Quattron, it is Japan’s No 1 LED TV with more than 40% Share

World’s Most Advanced Refrigerators  :

Customer Need Sharp Refrigerator Offers
Big size Freezer Large Freezer sufficient for a family need
Hygienic storage i.                Patented Plasmacluster Ion Generator which kills all germs & odour

ii.                ROHS compliant material

iii.                Unlike most other fridge, no air vent at bottom of freezer. So no food item can get inside the fridge plastic body & rot to create dangerous bacteria & fungus growth.

Vegetables should stay fresh Sharp 400L & higher models come with Hybrid Cooling – a revolutionary technology to keep food fresh, juicy and succulent after several days of storage in the fridge
Ice cubes for small Fridge user Basically all parts of Sharp Fridge is crafted for customer convenience – be it the Ice Tray, the Egg Tray, the cooling capacity of the door pockets, etc.
My Fridge is 300L, but I have hardly space inside !!! A common complain for most Fridge in market.

Sharp’s fridge is the only fridge , which is true to Japanese standard, where the internal capacity and external gross capacity is almost similar


Common Man’s AC – Inverter AC:

  1. Electricity Bill with Sharp Inverter AC is now only  Rs.900 per month instead of Rs 2400.  A common man can now afford an AC.

World’s First  Washing Machine With Holeless Tub:

  1. Light clothes like shirts can be pressed immediately after wash and super-efficient spin drying.

World’s Safest Microwave :

  1. Sharp Microwaves are World’s safest Microwave
  2. Healsio of Sharp is the World’s only Super Heated Steam oven
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