Vatika Hair Mayonnaise Product Review Synopsis

unnamed (13)Vatika Hair Mayonnaise, a complete everyday hair care solution that provides the nourishment of oil, conditioning from egg proteins and treatment from natural ingredients in just three minutes.

Formulated for quick and convenient use, Vatika Hair Mayonnaise can be used three minutes before applying shampoo and is also easy to rinse, and stands out with its fresh fragrance. Vatika Hair Mayonnaise comes in three variants – Hair Fall Control, Extreme Moisturizing, Repair & Restore – that are all enriched with natural ingredients to provide complete daily nutrition for all types of hair.

Vatika Hair Fall Control helps nourish and fortify weak, limp, falling hair, making it thicker and stronger. It is enriched with Cactus, Garlic and Gergir to help fortify hair strands and prevent excessive hair loss.

Vatika Extreme Moisturizing delivers a conditioning and moisturizing effect on dry, coarse, frizzy hair. Enriched with Almond, Coconut and Sesame, Vatika Extreme Moisturizing seals in essential moisture, keeping hair hydrated, smooth and soft.

Vatika Repair & Restore, which is enriched with Castor, Marrow and Honey, revitalizes and helps repair hair from root to tip. It is perfect for damaged, split hair.