For the first time ever, Indian cinema will see a documentary getting a theatrical release.

unnamed (10)The team of Ship Of Theseus, that received immense appreciation from all quarters for the film are venturing into releasing a documentary this time around titled Gulabi Gang.

The documentary, directed by Nishtha Jain is based on Sampat Pal and the fiery women of her Gulabi Gang–who take up the fight against gender violence, caste oppression and widespread corruption in Bundelkhand.

Sohum Shah, the actor and producer of Ship of Theseus has taken keen interest in the documentary and turns presenter with this project.

The team of Ship of Theseus is championing an alternate voice by getting a theatrical release for this documentary.

The team will be transferring their equity of Ship Of Theseus to Gulabi Gang, which will be released in 15 – 20 screens.

This initiative would indeed throw more light on documentaries being one of the most significant mediums of Indian cinema.

Sohum Shah says, “I saw the film and found it to be a great story that was highly entertaining too.  Its theme is extremely relevant to Indian society today.  To achieve equal rights for women, we should spread more awareness of the issue among people everywhere.  Cinema is a great medium to help educate ourselves as a society.

With the release of Gulabi Gang we are working towards changing the way Indian audiences look at documentaries. I am lending my name as a presenter of this project because I have immense belief in it and I am glad to be associated with this subject that needs wider awareness.”

Presented by Sohum Shah.