Chennai experienced the Soulful Music of Idea Jalsa

Idea Jalsa Music for the Soul presented the melodious classical music by S.J. Jananiy, Purbayan Chatterjee, Sikkil Gurucharan along with Grammy nominated renowned exponent of the Bamboo Flute Shashank Subramanya, on Sunday 2nd February 2014.

unnamed (17)The city of Chennai  witnessed a tranquillity of soulful music which captivated the audience with an evening filled with rhythmic classical music  by S.J. Jananiy, Purbayan Chatterjee, Sikkil Gurucharan along with Shashank Subramanyam.

Idea Jalsa – Music for the Soul is back with a new season offering a wide variety of Indian music featuring over 88 genres and more than 150 musicians. This year 14 cities will witness enthralling performances by a galaxy of Musicians. The tour so far has already enraptured the audiences of 10 cities by treating them with a mesmerizing evening filled with the richness of classical music.

Idea Jalsa is a unique project which brings together legends, maestros, stars, young maestros, and rising stars of Indian Music, to present a rich & diverse showcase of Indian Culture and all of it through purely Live Music Performances. It has already given a platform to 7,000 musicians. It redesigns the aspects of Performing Art, i.e. presentation on stage, styling of clothes, conversing with audiences and getting informal with them, etc. which has become the X factor of the Idea Jalsa experience. The use of technology, i.e. large LED walls, to enhance the overall appeal of the show which gives a visual treat to its audience is yet another aspect in which it is a trend setter.

With seven years of a successful journey, Idea Jalsa has grown from strength to strength across all mass mediums. From television programming, FM Radio programming, In-flight Entertainment programming, CDs, Live Concerts in more than 60 cities, and others.

The brand Idea Jalsa has reduced the gap between masses and classes – for the discerning audience as well as the masses who get introduced to the rich diversity of Indian Music. This USP and the use of different relevant mass mediums, has ensured a reach of more than 21 crore people in India alone, till date – setting records. The last Concert Tour which ended in March 2013, reached out to ~7 crore audiences with the extensive use of Media platforms like Print, Outdoor, FM Radio, Social media, etc.

Idea Jalsa’s 14 city concert tour which will culminate in February 2014, promises to enthrall with performances across a large variety of Indian Music genres with more than 150 Musicians participating.

Mr. M.D. Prasad, Chief Operating Officer, Tamil Nadu and Chennai, said, “Idea has always believed in the power of Music to connect with our audiences. Idea Jalsa has been one of our flagship music properties, along with Art and Artistes, and has enabled us to enrich Music lovers across the country with live performances and rich musical content in other formats.”

Durga Jasraj (Founder and Director, Art and Artistes) and Neeraj Jaitly (Director, Art And Artistes) said, “Idea Jalsa has always captured its listeners’ attention with enthralling classical music. We are indeed blessed to have distinguished maestros amongst us who have enriched our experience in this soulful musical tour. After touring over ten cities with promising melodious evening, Chennai is no exception to this tranquillity of soulful music with scintillating performances by S.J. Jananiy, Purbayan Chatterjee, Sikkil Gurucharan and Shashank Subramanyam. Needless to say the contribution of all Musicians and their enthusiasmto participate inmaking this project, Idea Jalsa, larger, makes us feel more responsible.”