O Teri team to ask Aamir for permission to use the title


Pulkit’s, O Teri is going to be releasing soon. The trailer of the film will be attached to Jai Ho!

Little does anyone know a while back the team was brainstorming on finding a title for the film. They had various options chalked out and they animatedly discussed each of them.

However after much debate when the name O Teri came up, everyone unanimously agreed to the same.

When Atul Agnihotri who is producing the film shared the name with Salman Khan a couple of days later… Salman who always wears humor on his sleeve shot back in jest – Have you taken Aamir’s permission?

The team was lost in a laughter uproar.

O Teri’ as a phrase is often used by Aamir…. It is like an immediate phrase Aamir uses whenever he is confused or surprised.

He has also used the phrase in his films.

Often at media gatherings as well Aamir has used this term.

Infact often when he has to be mimicked people use the O Teri phrase.

Salman added to the team that he will call Aamir later and ask him for the rights and permissions.

He attributed that the phrase would indefinitely be a patented word by Aamir.

Both Salman and Aamir are known to share an excellent rapport in personal and professional space.

Their comrade in the industry is known to one and all.

Spokesperson of the film confirmed.