Lokmanya Hospital Nigdi Completes Thirteen Years of Emergency Medical Service (EMS)

Lokmanya Comprehensive Trauma System has benefitted and healed over one and half million patients till date

“Way back in 1996, I had a vision that our hospital should have a state-of-the-art trauma center but lack of facilities became the barrier for us.  I always had a desire to start a special service for accident patients, as the death-to-injury ratio in India is very high.  I would also like to thank Dr. Nirmal Kumar Rakshe, Vice President, Lokmanya Hospital who got associated with us in 1998 and helped me in implementing this crucial plan”, said Dr. Narendra Vaidya Executive Medical Director & Head of Orthopedic department, Lokamnya Hospital.


Lokmanya Hospital, Nigdi celebrates thirteen years of Lokmanya Comprehensive Trauma System’, the special Emergency Medical Service (EMS) designed and created with the joint effort of Dr. Narendra Vaidya and Dr. Nirmal Kumar Rakshe, Vice President Lokmanya Hospital. Started in the year 2000, one the first trauma centre in India today consists of around 300 employees. This extensive and multi service medical facility unit has treated and healed around one and a half million emergency patients since inception.


“Accident does not only cause an injury to the body and mind of a person, but also has its effect on the country’s economy. The effect is also felt by the person along with his family and consequently by the community. I am extremely pleased that our state-of-the-art trauma centre has completed 13 successful and flourishing years in treating such a large number of patients in case of emergencies”, said Dr. Nirmal Kumar Rakshe, Vice President, Lokmanya Hospital.


As soon as an accident takes place Lokmanya Comprehensive Trauma System is informed through phone.   The ambulance reaches the spot within a span of 1 to 10 minutes. Patient receives all kinds of primary medical services and is given appropriate first aid.  Depending upon the patients’ conditions he/she is immediately taken to the hospital. Right from, training for prevention of the accident, post accident first aid treatment and saving the life of the patients everything is carried out in Lokmanya hospital under one roof.


The staffs in this unit are well trained and are very well qualified too. They also provide training workshop to students from schools and colleges along with dhaba owners on expressway as a part of their social commitment. The training includes how to deal with an accident and its victim. The unit also consists of a cell namely ‘Free Legal Cell’ where financial help is provided to the needy patients.


This advanced multiple emergency service facility with updated techniques has immensely helped patients getting speedy recovery from various emergency situations.