Orchids International School celebrated the flavor of Indian Culture

Students of the school depicted Unity in Diversity by representing art, culture, traditions, festivals, language, and dances of 28 states of India

dddOrchids-The International School today organized the mega event ‘Incredible India’. The New Year for the kids started on a cultural note wherein the students   depicted the vast culture and heritage of India through various activities like dances, skits, traditional dress, visual arts etc. Parents and other dignitaries of the school were invited to witness the mega event.

The event begun with a warm traditional welcome with a ‘Sindoor Tikka’ and sprinkling of flowers by the teachers of the school. After the warm welcome the kids from primary had come up with cultural performances showcasing various facets of our incredible country India. All the facets were well described with the help of the posters and charts   which showcased the creative wingspan of the children. The charts depicted the history and importance of Indian monuments like Taj Mahal (UP), Red Fort (Delhi) Golden Temple (Punjab), Qutb Minar (Delhi) Lotus Temple (Delhi) etc.

The energy, enthusiasm and ambience of the event were in the true spirit of oneness. This insightful program was organized to instill awareness and nourish the students about the Indian culture and values.

The celebration  continued with  various folk dance from across the country  like Karagattam , Garba , Bhangda, Sufi, Bihu all showcased by the students of primary kids  of the school. Orchid kids were laced with such creative zing that parents were left gasping for a “once more”. Directed by teachers and styled by students the mega event, Incredible India was a mélange of music, color, dance, food.

The students also showcased different  energy fused festivals  which are celebrated like Holi, Diwali, Christmas, Eid, Baisakhi, by the students of different grade wowed the audience. The day was a social and cultural combination of talent and creativity. The teachers of Orchid International school  were applying Mehndi to one and all who were present at the event as a part of the carnival festival. The school had also invited a potter to make the kids learn how to make a pot.

Talking about the unique initiative by the students, Ms.June Dias, Dean Academics said, “Our focus for our school kids is to build a good future and make them Innovators and Thinkers. Through this event we have created melting point of culture, tradition, festivals and secular values at Orchids. We believe that learning is much more than classroom teaching and academic laurels and we have established that thought in the minds Orchidans and have provided them with the best education”.

The parents of the students who were present were indeed beaming with pride for their children were part of an institution. All in all it was a remarkable day with parents, teachers and students coming together for a cause thus making it an event to remember.