Corporate hiring remained buoyant despite sluggish economic conditions in 2013: Careesma study

  • Delhi had maximum number of jobs on offer followed by Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai and Pune
  • Ahmedabad led the pack in hiring amongst Tier 2 cities followed by Indore and Jaipur
  • The top 5 cities in terms of freshers hiring were Delhi, Bengaluru, Mumbai, Chennai and Pune respectively
  • Marketing, Business Development and Sales executives highly in demand in Tier 1 and Tier 2 cities

According to a year-end study by leading career portal Careesma, hiring remained buoyant in 2013, despite the economic slowdown witnessed in 2013. In fact, the hiring activity picked up as the year progressed with sectors like IT, BPO and banking leading the charge as companies hired for future growth. The study by Careesma along with its content partner JobisJob is based on an analysis of the postings on all the top job portals in the country and highlights the trends witnessed by the sector in 2013.

Delhi had maximum number of jobs on offer followed by Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai and Pune

In terms of number of jobs offered across various cities in India, Delhi lead in 2013, closely followed by Bengaluru, Mumbai, Chennai and Pune. These cities are employment hotspots and home to sectors like IT, media, auto and BPOs. Collective number of jobs offered in these 5 cities was above 3 million for the year 2013. A surprise inclusion in this list is Pune, which offered large number of employment opportunities on the back of strong hiring in IT and auto and allied sectors.

When it comes to job titles, the largest openings in 2013 were in marketing, business development and sales, with junior positions across these 3 domains heavily in demand. Most openings in 2013 were for positions like Marketing Executive, Sales Executive and Business Development Executive. Demand for the above-mentioned job titles in these cities was largely due to industries and sectors concentrated in these cities. While, Delhi-NCR is dominated by media houses and manufacturing units, Bengaluru is a hub for IT companies and start-ups. Mumbai on the other hand saw an increase in jobs due to IT/ITES and Insurance sectors.

Hiring magnitude:

The study also tracked how these markets performed over the course of 12 months. In the beginning of the year, Mumbai was leading the hiring activity with 8.74 percent hiring out of the total hiring across India. However, as the year progressed, Delhi outshined Mumbai and Bengaluru, in terms of hiring percentage and as many as 14.08% of candidates were hired from Delhi out of the total number of people hired across India.

Also, while in the beginning of the year, the top 3 cities accounted for 20.72% of the total hiring, by year end, this number rose to 38.18 percentage.

Ahmedabad led the pack in hiring amongst Tier 2 cities followed by Indore and Jaipur:

Ahmedabad, Indore and Jaipur were respectively the top three, Tier 2 cities in terms of job openings in 2013. The three of them collectively offered around 2.5 lakh jobs to job seekers. In Ahmedabad, bulk of hiring happened in the pharmaceutical sector while in Indore, BPO sector dominated hiring activity. In Jaipur, BPO and Software sector hired in large numbers. Junior positions were heavily in demand in Tier 2 cities as well with most job openings for Business Development, Marketing and Sales Executives. Skills like PHP development, web designing and accounting also found a lot of takers in these cities.

Hiring magnitude:

Ahmedabad clearly lead in terms of hiring magnitude with an 1.78 % hiring out of the total hiring across India in 2013. Hiring in Indore started slowly but picked up steadily from February.  Indore saw a sudden peak in October, eclipsing both Ahmedabad and Jaipur in that month, mostly owing to increase in jobs from BPO industry. Jaipur on the other hand started very strongly in January but evened out from April onwards with average 1.02 % hiring out of total hiring across India.

Jobs for freshers:

Bengaluru, Mumbai, Chennai and Pune respectively offered most openings for freshers. High demand across all cities for junior positions was a good sign for freshers. These positions are a good fit for them to start their career. In Bengaluru, IT jobs also attracted freshers. In total, these cities offered over 32,180 jobs to freshers in 2013.

Mr. Sudhanshu Arora, Co-founder, Director and Country Manager, said, “The continued buoyancy in the job market is a good sign and instills confidence for 2014 as this shows that companies are preparing for growth and have not stopped even when the market has slowed down lot. Going by these trends, we expect to see a much stronger job market in 2014. While banking, financial services and insurance sectors are expected to hire in large numbers in 2014, IT & ITES sectors will be steady but may not show much growth in hiring terms.”