World’s largest family ~160 members feature in Vim’s new TVC

unnamed (1)Vim, Hindustan Unilever’s leading dishwashing brand, today announced the launch of their new TV commercial featuring the world’s largest family along with popular TV actress and Vim’s brand ambassador, Sakshi Tanwar. The TVC will go on air on January 1, 2014.

Shot in the north-eastern state of Mizoram the commercial captures Sakshi introducing the 160 member family to Vim’s power of 100lemons which is the fastest in removing the most stubborn and toughest grease from vessels.

Ziona Chana’s family lives together in a four-storey apartment in Baktwang village in Aizawl, Mizoram.  Ziona Chana is 69 years old and has 94 children. Sakshi visited their home to meet them and understand the way they live and what is it that binds them together. She particularly met the women of the family to find out more about how they manage the task of cooking three meals in one day for so many members, all together.

For every meal for the family, the women spend 4 hours in the kitchen 3 times a day. It is not just the time but the quantity of ingredients that makes the family’s cooking ritual so special. For instance, they need 82 litres of milk, 1kg of tea leaves and 2 kg of sugar for a one time serving of tea. Cooking every meal for all the 160 members also means enormous amount and size of greasy vessels left behind at least three times in a day.

Sakshi met the women and introduced them to Vim which has the power of 100 lemons that makes it ‘sabze tez’.  It reduces the amount of time the women spend in getting the tough grease off the vessels thereby freeing them up to spend some quality time with their family.

“It has always been a fun experience shooting television commercials for Vim but this one was particularly special. I couldn’t believe that a family can have 160 members until I met the lovely people from Ziona Chana’s household. I was so surprised to see the quantity of food they need to cook on a daily basis and the sheer number and size of vessels that the women must wash every day. I am glad I could bring some respite to their daily chores by introducing them to Vim’s power of 100 lemons. The speed with which Vim removes the stubborn grease gives the women some spare time outside of their kitchen in which they can perhaps watch their kids play football,” said Sakshi Tanwar, Brand Ambassador of Vim.

Vim’s new TVC has been conceptualized by Lowe Lintas and Partners and produced by All in the Family.

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