GATI-KWE shifts to e-billing for its customers

Gati Kintetsu Express Pvt Ltd (GATI-KWE), the Express Distribution and Supply Chain Solutions provider, a subsidiary of Gati Ltdhas launched a new project - ‘Green & Clean Billing’. Under this project, the company has taken up an initiative to offer its customers e-bills linked to e-POD.

A socially conscious company, the aim of this initiative is to eliminate the need to physically print, deliver and maintain a hard copy of the bills and thereby help sustain the environment. Also, with the implementation of the new platform, customers can view their outstanding bills, payment history and can print the statements, invoices and POD copies at any time they require.
The new e-billing is available with statements linked to POD copies by bill no.  Bills would be emailed to multiple people at the customers end.
Payments can be made through RTGS to enable reverse e-utilization as well.
Commenting on the initiative, Diljeet Singh – Chief Sales and Marketing Officer at GATI-KWE said, “With internet and e-mail penetration very high now, this new offering is more convenient to our customers and gives a boost to our existing green projects.”