Zee Helpline: Zee News’ mission to address the grievances of the common man

-    Complaint can be lodged through online or via post and telephone

- Telecast of the Show on Zee News on Every Sunday at 4.30 pm with repeats on Mondays at 10:30am and Wednesdays at 11.30am.

 Zee News, part of India’s largest News Network, Zee Media Corporation Limited addresses the grievances of the common man through Zee Helpline. It is a helpline service from anywhere in the country. Zee Helpline reaches out to offer help and support in order to have the complainant’s problems resolved efficiently and transparently. This, in turn, is an effort of Zee Helpline, to aid authorities in becoming more responsive to the public, through the adoption of the ‘Citizen Charter’. Selected complaints/ problems and its resolution are being showcased on Zee News on every Sunday at 4.30 pm with repeat telecast on Mondays and Wednesdays at 10.30 am and 11.30 am respectively.

In this week’s episode, the channel showcased the complaints of Mr. Amar Singh Shekhawat of Jodhpur, relating to the injustice done to him since nine years of not getting his pension amount, post his retirement. Shekhawat was an employee in a private company. Officials of the  Provident Fund asked for bribe to get the provident fund amount cleared from the concerned authority. Shekhawat approached Zee Helpline which and also took the matter to the highest personnel of the concerned department.

The episode also showcased how the channel solved complaints relating to Online Payment of Electricity Bills, Pending Salary, College Security Money, Fixed Deposits, Pension damage of stuffs that have been undertaken in various parts of the country.

The Next week episode will raise an issue of an old man Mr. Surendra Singh from Satna, Madhya Pradesh, his horrible experience with public health engineering department, and how he has been harassed by the government officials to get his pending pension and gratuity.

Zee Helpline on getting the complaints scrutinizes and authenticates the same. After authenticating the case, it handles it meticulously and tries to solve the matter.

The program seeks complaints from the public, regarding instances of corruption, lethargy in the system, incommodious delivery procedures, red tapism, preferential treatment or nepotism of the authorities, etc. The cases cover various aspects of the society which are as follows:

a) Public interest and Civic amenities

b) Corruption of all types

c) Personal grievance representing larger public inconvenience

d) Problems requiring policy or procedural corrections

e) Consumer Rights

To ease the process of communication, Zee Helpline can be contacted through the following three simple ways-

1.       By calling on these numbers: ,

2.       Through post, by mailing your letter on the following address- Noida – 201301, India

3.       Online, through their website: http://zeenews.india.com/zeehelpline/english/ (English) … Or http://zeenews.india.com/zeehelpline/ (Hindi)

One can easily submit the complaint to Zee Helpline. The simplest method is to register online (www.zeenews.com/zeehelpline) and submit the grievance with all the necessary details and supporting documents. It is important for the complainant to briefly explain his grievance, and then clearly state the name(s), designation, telephone or mobile numbers and address of concerned officials to whom the complaint is associated with. Complaints can be filed both in Hindi & English.

After receiving and authenticating the complaint, Zee Helpline will get in touch with the concerned officials about their version on the matter and its veracity; which is followed by consistent persuasion of the case, to get it sorted out. With the help of Zee Helpline, now the citizens of India, cutting across demographics will have access to a responsive mechanism, to help in redressing their problems.

Zee Helpline has played a pivotal role in addressing and solving the grievances of the common man. Till date 24641 cases have been received on various domains and 6731 cases have been solved. As a responsible corporate as well as a news channel we abide to give the citizens of India a better environment to stay in and stand up with them irrespective of any hurdles that comes in the way to safeguard them.”