Wrinkly hands and feet during winters

unnamed (21)The skin on the surface of your fingers and toes is different from the skin covering the rest of your body. It’s thicker due to constant contact, abrasion, and pressure. Your fingertips and toe tips contains tough connective tissues. If you soak in water long enough, protective oils get washed-out from your skin.

Environmental Change is one of the big factors causing wrinkle to your hands and feet. If you regularly clean, wash or soak your hands without wearing rubber or latex gloves in hot water or with harsh cleansers, it can dry out your hands causing wrinkles. Sometimes it can also peel the outer layer of your skin.

Dry or wrinkly hands can often be treated with over the counter remedies. Using hand repair cream, thick moisturizing, and an old home remedy is always available to spread petroleum jelly on your hands and feet and cover them with cotton gloves overnight. Also use anti bacterial soaps, Shea or cocoa butter based products for bathing.

It is always advisable to wear gloves that protects your hands from becoming dry. Thereby, preventing the occurrence of wrinkles on hands especially when doing any kind of household chores and take tepid showers instead of hot water bath, use good hand and foot creams usually oil based especially in winters. Drink at least 64 ounces of water each day which helps to keep your skin hydrated from the inside out and may help prevent wrinkled hands.

Visit a dermatologist if home remedies have failed, particularly if you have other symptoms of illness, in severe cases when there is a fungal infection or peeling of skin, consult a dermatologist where they can provide you corticosteroids or oral antibiotics.

A dermatologist can diagnose the illness causing your hands to itch, crack and bleed. If you suffer frequent colds or infections, your dry skin could be one of a constellation of symptoms of an autoimmune disorder.