Elitecore Wi-Fi Service Management Platform enables O-Zone Networks to roll out nationwide hotspots in India

Elitecore Technologies, the global provider of Wi-Fi Service Management Platform (SMP) today announced that its SMP has been deployed by O-Zone Networks Pvt. Ltd., to fulfill its vision of becoming India’s largest Wi-Fi operator. Elitecore SMP will help in delivering seamless connectivity and rich user experience across nationwide hotspots at affordable prices. O-Zone Networks has rolled out 5,500 hotspots in 23 cities of which over 1,000 locations are public hotspots.

Sanjeev (Bobby) Sarin, Founder & CEO, O-Zone said, “At O-Zone, we’re focused on building a neutral Wi-Fi hotspot model whereas we will build hotspots across thousands of public locations. We chose Elitecore for its excellent responsiveness to our challenges and because we needed a company that had the right knowledge, experience and commitment in building a carrier Wi-Fi platform for the Indian market.”

“They have the knowhow, the skillsets, and the confidence to deliver”, adds Sarin.
Nikhil Jain, COO & Director, Elitecore Technologies said, “Elitecore is seen as a highly dependable partner in enabling operators monetize their Wi-Fi investment and provide value-added services to their customers by offering access to multiple users from different service networks at the same time.”

As part of Wi-Fi SMP solution, Elitecore offers a captive portal through which O-Zone is able to create different types of login and post login pages which can be differentiated as per the zone or location requirements. It also integrates with various access controllers allowing controller MAC ID binding with specifically created zones ensuring that any user request received from any access controller can be defined by the zone to which the user belongs.

To enable O-Zone’s commercial eco-system, Elitecore Wi-Fi SMP supports a highly elaborate and detailed Wi-Fi monetization model including data offloading based on tie-ups with leading Tier-1 operators, content partners, device partners, international roaming operators, location partners and physical/digital advertising agencies.

Elitecore SMP’s offering for O-Zone further generates prepaid vouchers for walk-in users in hotspots using Internet through mobile/laptops while offering ability to communicate with SMSC, location-wise captive portal capabilities, support for international roaming with service providers’ AAA servers while facilitating cross-zone access to users.