Christmas Celebration at Orchids- The International School

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Orchid International School celeberated Christmas on 20th December 2013. Orchids International teachers got to work; to plan a Christmas party which would make Christmas a memorable event for the students. The day started on a bright note when children walked into school to the sound of Christmas carols welcoming them and giving them an insight of the festival and the festivities that would follow.  Our orchidians were a sight to behold when they walked in dressed in red and white. Some were dressed as little Santas and looked simply stunning.  The school displayed a scene from a famous Christmas movie when the centre of attention was the Christmas Tree and Snow Men, the children were awestruck when they saw this miniature set, students were then taken for assembly in which the importance of Christmas was explained while Mr.Santa Claus made a special appearance and showered the kids with blessings and small tokens of love from teachers.


“The children of pre primary were then taken to their classes where they made red colored santa caps ; sang and danced on Christmas carols; after that the teachers played games with our little santas and had an amazing snacks party where they were served their favorite delicacies” said, Ms. June Dias, Dean, Orchids The International School.


Where pre primary was busy with artwork on santa caps the primary section spent their time in decorating a Christmas Tree set up specially for them, students across grades adorned the tree with decorations they had brought with them . After this they were taken to their respective classes where they gave impromptu performances based on Christmas; this was followed by a dance and snacks party which the children enjoyed a lot. With Mr.Santa visiting our older children too and asking them to make a wish for Christmas and promising them that if they were good their wish would come true, like magic.