Maal Gaadi arrives in Chennai

unnamed (4) Located in Chennai, along the banks of the Bay of Bengal, MaalGaadi is not just another creative concept store but the hub of inspiring and innovative vision of design. It is an abode of carefully curated fashion, décor, stationary, beauty and more objects of desire.


MaalGaadi is the dream child of Sakina Ansari, a dynamic and promising fashion entrepreneur who comes from a sound and well reputed business family with strong business acumen.Shahin Ansari, a Fashion Management graduate from the University of Southampton, shares her mother’s dream and has joined hands with her to make this dream a reality.


A creative concept store, curated by designer duo Shreya Kamalia & Vivek Karunakaran, MaalGaadi explores several concepts — at the forefront is the crossover between fashion and interiors and with it the juxtaposition of materials, scale and form. It houses an assortment of quirky installations, an eclectic mix of high-end fashion from few of the best fashion labels in India, interior and lifestyle accessories.


The launch showcased the excellent talents of Arjun Saluja, Nida Mahamood, Chandrashekar, Niki Mahajan, Malleka , Takla Makkan and Vivek Karunakaran in terms of a fashion flash mob. The event was attended by esteemed socialites of the city which included Vimmi Deepak,Rachna, Akriti Sachdev and Shilpa Vummidi.

The industrial and deconstructed look of the store was inspired from the brand name itself and also from all the travel across the country. Within this space, boundaries between art and design are questioned by functional pieces that also hold sculptural qualities. The collections are displayed based on themes such as color or texture rather than by genre, thus creating a less segregated shopping environment.
MaalGaadi was not envisioned as one of the typical cookie cutter stores. It is seen to have an oddly welcoming vibe with elements of immense quirk and a secret story waiting to be unraveled around every facet of the store.


The store showcases prodigious talents of both established & young upcoming designers such as Arjun Saluja, Nikki Mahajan, Vivek Karunakaran, Nida Mamood, Chandrashekar, Pinky Saraf, a.k.a Bespoke, while the interior floor exhibits the stellar works of D-cubed, Safomasi and MukulGoyal. Rather than being completely label-led, MaalGaadi prefers to present work by emerging and unknown designers and craftspeople from around the world, alongside our expanding self-designed collections.