After great struggles, Director Mrityunjay finally gets ‘The Bastard Child’

IMPPA approves the film title 

unnamed (2)Director Mrityunjay Devvrat finally heaved a sigh of relief  after receiving the approval for his film title, ‘The Bastard Child’. The IMPPA had earlier rejected the title on the basis of it being a derogatory word. Mrityunjay reapplied and successfully persuaded the IMPPA to get his title approved,  as ‘Bastard’ is a term merely used for a child born out of wedlock and not as an abusive connotation.  The producer, Soumya Devvrat  and director, Mrityunjay Devvrat really believed in their content and hence had suggested the title as it was extremely relevant. 

On receiving this letter of approval, the overjoyed Director says, “I am elated and extremely grateful that IIMPA has reconsidered and cleared our title. The film would have been something else to me if it wasn’t called ‘The Bastard Child’. It is a truly relevant title. It is a story about the Bangladeshis and their struggle for independence in the Liberation War. What these affected women have gone through is truly unimaginable. I am happy to see the support I have on this project. “

From the Director’s heart to the theatres ,‘The Bastard Child’ is slated to release on the 27th December 2013 in India and13th December 2013 in Bangladesh.

The movie has some notable actors like Farooq Shaikh, Pavan Malhotra, Raima Sen, Indraneil Sengupta and Victor Banerjee.

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