One Life Alliance and TABcab Join hands to Launch The Peace Cab Project

unnamed (16)TABcab, Mumbai’s leading phone fleet cab service with over 2800 cabs, today joined hands with One Life Alliance a not for profit organisation to launch the ‘Peace Cab Project’. One Life Alliance is spearheaded by Kia Scherr and has been launched to counter-balance terrorism with love and compassion. Through the ‘Peace Cab Project’ Tab Cab will introduce Kia Scherr’s “Peace Module-Pocketbook of Peace” among its Saathis, Employees and Customers.

Kia Scherr’s “Peace Module -Pocketbook of Peace” focuses on interweaving positive behaviours into everyday encounters. Each day has a quote to inspire and guide positive behaviour. Each day’s focus is a building block that leads to living with peace, compassion and love in simple harmonious ways that integrate into your daily life with ease.

Speaking about the association Kia Scherr said “When peace is shattered our natural tendency is to find a way to restore balance. Love was brutally lacking in the terrorist attack and so for me, the way to restore balance is to deepen my commitment to love unconditionally. This Peace Cab Project will look to open the doors of our hearts so that we can increase the power of peace by living”

Adding on Mr. Prasenjeet Bagchi, Chief Marketing Officer, TABcab said “this initiative will aim to bringmore peace and calm in the lifestyle of Saathis and Customers both which will eventually lead to better relationships, as part of this initiative we will brand 100 cabs with messages of peace and through this association will look to heal Mumbai’s wounds with love and peace”

As part of this initiative tab cab will

•      TABcab will integrate the Peace module in the training of the Saathis (drivers)

•      Saathis will greet customers, ‘We wish you a day of peace’ at the start of every journey

•      ‘Pocketbook of Peace’ will be printed to be kept in the cabs for customers to read

•      Will brand 100 cabs as ‘Peace Cabs’ and promote the message of Peace

The event was conducted at the grounds of Anjuman Islam School who have supported and share a long time association with One Life Alliance.

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