Watch the never day die attitude of young couples to win love on BIG RTL THRILL’s ‘Love in the Wild’

love-in-the-wildSet amidst greenery and nature in Costa Rica, the season begins ten men and ten women paired into couples. These 10 couples will be seen testing their mental, physical and emotional tenacity just to win their love and prove their worth amongst all odds. The upcoming weekend will feature these couples going through some of the most dangerous hurdles to reach the Snake Island.

Reaching to the island becomes as tough as one could have ever imagined. The only way to reach to the island was to overcome the series of difficult that will be unfolded in the episode. The couples are expected to search the supply boxes & equipments in an island only with the help of a compass. The difficulty levels keep on increasing as the supply boxes are stored in crashed airplanes that are covered with deadly snakes and pythons. Will couples survive this test of tolerance or will they break down.
Following the episode, seven couples emerge victorious and remaining 3 decide to move on from their partners. As the heat and tension soars up, the couples are put across a trekking adventure to a destination that hot as hell, crawling and succumbing to the difficulties ultimately they will be reaching to the final destination by riding on the horse back hoping for a happy ending.

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